Alexander Kaletski Moscow, Russia, b. 1946


Lives and works in New York City. 

Kaletski studied acting in Moscow, he had a successful public career whilst also writing songs and having underground art shows and concerts. Due to his refusal to paint in a style of Socialist Realism, he had to migrate to the US in 1975, where he began teaching Russian, designing fashion fabrics, and illustrating books. 

Kaletski’s work is known for the use of cardboxes which he paints and uses for collages. During his first years in the USA, he collected boxes from the streets to use them as canvases, becoming the artist’s components for the creative process. 

Since 1986 Alexander Kaletski has regularly exhibited his paintings around the world, for example at Anna Zorina Gallery, New York; Claryville Art Center, New York; MAD, Saint Gervais, France; Valette Foundation, Martigny, Switzerland; Looshaus, Raiffeisen Bank, Vienna, Austria; Kato Gallery, Tokyo, Japan The Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk; among other venues. 

Public institutions and private collectors are fond of his work, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk; Linklaters and Paines Corporate Collection, New York; and Lynda and Stewart Resnick Collection, Beverly Hills, CA.


For more infomation visit the artist website.